As globalization continues to blur geographic and cultural boundaries, a new world has begun to emerge. The study program believes that global awareness and intercultural understanding are essential parts of higher education for today’s student. Therefore, the study program encourages the students to engage in some form of student exchange program.

A student exchange program may be undertaken by the students to satisfy the following broad objectives:

  • To gain first-hand exposure to and experience living in another culture;
  • To gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for their culture/heritage;
  • To become more self-reliant and independent;
  • To become more aware of international issues and concerns;
  • To improve the English proficiency; and
  • To study more advanced technique and methods in the field of biomedical sciences.

To assist the study abroad experience, the faculty and university have established affiliations with several institutions to provide a variety of student exchange programs. The study program has arranged exchange programs with some qualified institutions, including Ludwig Maximillians University Munich in Germany, Kumamoto University in Japan, Kanazawa University in Japan, Mahidol University in Thailand, National University of Singapore, University of Malaya in Malaysia, etc.

The programs are open to all students. The exchange may last from one month up to a year. Students can propose an academic leave (terminal) during the exchange. Participants in these student exchange programs are representatives of the study program while abroad and are expected to act in a way that reflects positively on the study program. Students should submit a report within one month after completion of the exchange.

To begin the process, students interested in studying abroad should visit the UB International Office, where they will receive individualized advising and instructions on how to complete the required documentation. The additional information about the exchange program may also be found on official website of UB International Office:


Joint Research or Student Exchange Program:







Samsul Arifin Joint Research about Malaria Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany



Putri Noerpuspita Student Exchange National University of Singapore



Nur Hidayati Azhar Student Exchange University of Malaya, Malaysia



Dyah Lingga Nourma Palupi Student Exchange Molecular Tropical Medicine Department, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand



Hemas Abidah Rahmawati Student Exchange Department of Molecular Tropical Medicine and Genetics, Mahidol University, Thailand



Nur Hidayati Azhar Student Exchange (JASSO Scholarship) Kanazawa University, Japan



Ayu Sekarani Damana Putri Student Exchange (JASSO Scholarship) Kanazawa University, Japan