A.  Office and Lecture Rooms

The office of PMIB-FKUB is mainly located in Graha Medika (Building C) 1st floor involving 419.45 m2 area in total. There is an office for the head and secretary of the study program, office for supporting staff, exam room, international classroom, seminar room (80 chairs in R. 107), and reading room. There are also classrooms in Building of Educational Center (GPP/Building A, 3rd floor) involving 48.9 m2 area with 10 chairs in R. 3.16 and 30 chairs in R. 3.20, and classroom in the Central Laboratory of Biomedicine (Building G, 1st floor) involving 132.87 m² area with 20 chairs.

Classrooms are equipped with white board, LCD projector, and air-conditioner. Each building is equipped with full internet access which can be easily accessed by all students, lecturers, and supporting staff. The usage of the room is scheduled by the General Affairs Staff collaborated with Academic Affairs Staff.

B.  Laboratories

Research activities in the field of biomedical sciences are supported by laboratories in the faculty and university. There are nine laboratories in the faculty (http://www.fk.ub.ac.id):

  1. Central Laboratory of Biomedicine.
  2. Laboratory of Anatomy and Histology.
  3. Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biomolecule.
  4. Laboratory of Clinical Pathology.
  5. Laboratory of Human Physiology.
  6. Laboratory of Microbiology.
  7. Laboratory of Parasitology.
  8. Laboratory of Pathology Anatomy.
  9. Laboratory of Pharmacology.

These laboratories are facilitated with sufficient equipment and management following ISO 9001:2008 standards. Each laboratory is opened 8 hours per day on Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). In the necessary condition, the laboratory is available on weekend and holiday. Each laboratory has experienced technicians, standard operational procedures for all activities, as well as guidelines and records of equipment utilization.

Central Laboratory of Biomedicine (LSB) facilitates research activities and laboratory tests in the field of biomedical sciences. LSB also develops research collaboration in the field of tropical diseases and degenerative diseases. Nowadays, LSB has confirmed its prime services consisting of CD4 and CD8 detection using flow cytometry for the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection, as well as detection of malaria species using PCR for diagnosis. Moreover, LSB is currently preparing for the international certification of ISO 15189:2012 for a medical laboratory.

The students and lecturers are entitled to use the laboratories at university, including Central Laboratory of Life Sciences (LSIH) and Bioscience Laboratory (LBioS), to raise the productivity and quality of research. LSIH has achieved the certification of ISO 17025:2005 (http://lsih.ub.ac.id/). Whereas, LBioS is an integrated research laboratory based on the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which was formed to accommodate the synergy of Academy-Business-Government (http://biosains.ub.ac.id/). LBioS now collaborates with PT. Bio Farma (Persero) to produce the diagnostic kit for diabetes type 1 granted patent by Prof. Aulanni’am, the lecturer of PMIB-FKUB.

C.  Libraries

To support the teaching and learning process, the university, faculty, and study program provides reading rooms (libraries) and virtual library. The reading room provides textbooks, final project reports, journals, and other references, and also room for scientific discussion among the students and/or the lecturers.

Most references are stored in UB Central Library (http://digilib.ub.ac.id). Literature regarding medicine in UB Central Library comprises of 4,818 titles of textbooks, 7,242 titles of e-books, 44 national journals, and 42,553 international journals. Most references are published after the year 2000. The central library is opened 16 hours per day (Monday to Friday) and 9 hours (Saturday-Sunday).

FKUB also provides reading rooms which are spread across each study program. Materials relevant to biomedical sciences are also stored in the reading room of PMIB-FKUB, including 116 textbooks with the newest release in the year 2014. Moreover, Medical Education Study Program has more than 5,000 kinds of literature. Pharmacy Study Program has 2,098 kinds of literature. Nursing Study Program has 600 kinds of literature. Hundreds of references are also provided in the reading room of other study programs. This number is constantly s and being updated throughout the year.

Besides, for the virtual library, UB subscribes to ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Scopus, Proquest, ASCE Library. The links are provided on the official website: http://biomedical.fk.ub.ac.id.

D.  Information and Communication Technology

UB uses Single Sign On (SSO) system with an integrated username and password through UB Authentication and Identification System (BAIS). Lecturers and staff can use internet coverage inside UB by using email accounts obtained from the Center for Development of Technology and Information UB (PPTI-UB). Students can also use internet coverage using PIN number obtained from the PPTI-UB when they first registered as new students.

FKUB has 96 access points consisting of 46 points in the faculty and 50 points in dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA), the main teaching hospital. FKUB has authentication system for internet access, which requires all users to register the IP address of their gadgets to the Information and Communication Technology Unit (TIK) of the faculty in Building A 1st floor.

The internet service can also be accessed from PC terminals throughout the faculty. FKUB has 10 units of public PC terminals in several places: 5 units in the Central Education Building (GPP, Building A) 1st floor and the rest are distributed in Graha Medika (Building C) 1st floor, Central Laboratory of Biomedicine (LSB), Public Health Laboratory, and TKP-PPDS Building in dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital.

The information regarding the university, faculty, and study program can be accessed through websites: http://www.ub.ac.idhttp://www.fk.ub.ac.id, and http://biomedical.fk.ub.ac.id, respectively. The university also provides the online information system to support the academic activities.

E.  Supporting Facilities

Accredited National Journal

In the faculty, there is Jurnal Kedokteran Brawijaya (JKB), a national journal achieved grade B accreditation by the Minister of Education and Culture. JKB has published many manuscripts written by undergraduate students (S1), master’s degree students (S2), Ph.D. students (S3), researchers, and lecturers. The manuscripts are written as original/research articles, case reports, and critical-analytical studies in the field of medicine. Further information can be accessed on website: http://www.jkb.ub.ac.id.

Indexed International Journal

In the university, there is an international journal covered the study in theoretical, experimental, and applied life sciences, namely Journal of Tropical Life Science. The journal is indexed by DOAJ, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, CABI, and Cross Ref. Further information can be accessed on the website: http://www.jtrolis.ub.ac.id.

Health Services

In the faculty, there is a small health center with one unit of the ambulance. There is also UB Clinic, which provides various public medical and health services, including health insurance for academic community members of UB. Further information can be accessed on website: http://poliklinik.ub.ac.id.

Job Placement Center

Job Placement Center (JPC) is the center of job information, as well as the center of training and development to prepare the students and alumni to be able to compete in the labor market and have an entrepreneurial spirit, to face the era of globalization. Further information can be accessed on the website: http://jpc.ub.ac.id/.

Language Unit

Language Unit provides service for UB community and public related to the field of foreign language, Indonesian language for foreign speakers, translations, also foreign language competence tests and their preparations. Further information can be accessed on website: http://www.fib.ub.ac.id/UPT_Bahasa.

UB Press

UB Press is a publishing unit aims to press and publish various books in physical and electronic forms. Further information can be accessed on the website: http://ubpress.ub.ac.id.

Other Supporting Facilities

The faculty provides prayer room (mushalla), cafeteria, copy center, bookstore, and health center equipped with one ambulance. Furthermore, the university provides mosque “Raden Patah”, clinic, food court, minimarket, dormitory, guest house, hotel, post office, bank and ATM, sport facilities (such as basketball court, indoor and outdoor soccer court, badminton court, fitness center, etc.), also Entrepreneurship Training Center (INBIS). There are also Children Learning Center (Rumah Pintar) consisting of a library and playing room for children, as well as Children Center consisting of daycare, playgroup, and kindergarten. Other supporting facilities provided are gazebo and WIFI area as well as the parking area.

For a student who needs further psychological support, the study program provides counseling team which consists of the secretary of the study program and academic advisor. Should the counseling team is unable to provide assistance, the student will be referred to the Counselling Committee in the faculty.