Seminar in Potency of Physalis Plant as Eminent Traditional Medicament to Increase Health Level of Indonesia



Herbal medicine (the development of drugs from plant material) is one of the leading research trees at the faculty and university level. To support this, Physalis researcher group from FKUB has mission to develop research tree with Physalis multidisciplinary study and optimize the synergism between academic, bussiness, and Government (ABG). For this purpose, the group of researchers conducted dissemination of research results of the group. Various media are planned for this purpose, which is in addition to the publication, through participation in seminars / congresses, publishing journals, textbooks and web creation. Hence, the researcher group consider it necessary to organize a seminar.

Physalis is a wild plant, such as bushes / shrubs that is widely known in Indonesia. Empirically, this plant has been used in the community for several purposes, including lowering uric acid, blood pressure, fever, inflammation, and so on. The topic that has been studied from the Physalis minima plant, which are phytochemical test, toxicity tests on cancer cells, antibacterial tests, anti-inflammatory and immnomodulator test, antioxidant potency test, the effect of a decrease in blood sugar levels, the impairment of anxiety symptom in rat model of menopause, in vitro test on vascular endothelial function, and so on, where most of the results indicate the usefulness.

Based on this phenomenon, Physalis minima has the potential to be appointed as an efficacious native medicinal plant from Indonesia, and the study group of Physalis can be used as a center for the study of Physalis. For this porpose, a group of Physalis researchers consider it necessary to conduct a seminar of Physalis research results from research groups in order to disseminate the benefits of Physalis, as well as a vehicle for the expansion of collaborative research and imaging of Physalis research group.



Objectives of this program are:

1. Dissemination of research results from Physalis research groups to academics and researchers to solicit research collaboration.

2. Increase the imaging ofPhysalis research group as a group of researchers in Indonesia who developed Physalis as a superior traditional medicine aimed of improving public health in Indonesia.


Activities Implementation

This activity is a one day Seminar on Physalis Potential as Excellence Traditional Medicine in Improving Public Health Indonesia. Stages of these activities include: (1) coordination of the preparation of seminars, (2) the implementation of the seminar, (3) the reporting activities, and (4) the evaluation and follow-up related to collaborative research (personal) and ABG cooperation partners. In the implementation of the seminar, dissemination was conducted to all academicians of FMUB especially graduate students. Researchers also invited researchers from other universities.



The expected outcomes of this project are:

1. Increase the number of scientific researchers involved in Physalis study (multidisciplinary).

2. Increased number of cooperation (MOU) with domestic counterparts.

3. Increased number of collaborative research.

4. Development of a scientific culture that strengthen the role and capacity of researchers, thereby building the image of UB as a center for study and research of Physalis in Indonesia.


Implementation of Development Programs

1. Place: Auditorium GPP FMUB the 6th floor.

2. Time: Monday, 2 November 2015 at 07.30 – finish

3. Target Participants: Students S1-S3 in UB and outside UB, Researchers at UB and outside UB, herbal entrepreneurs Indonesia