The main competency should be achieved by graduates of study program is “Being graduate who has intellectual integrity, ability to apply and develop biomedical sciences, and ability to perform valid and innovative research through inter- and multidisciplinary approaches, as well as ability to gain national and international recognition.”

This main competency is then specified as the following Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

Graduates of the study program are expected to (be):

PLO1. Knowledge Literacy
PLO1.1 Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of basic biomedical sciences in selected areas of emphasis, including anatomy-histology, molecular physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, immunology, microbiology, parasitology, preventive medicine, and clinical medicine.
PLO1.2 Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and recent developments in the specific disciplines of biomedical sciences focused on herbal medicine, stem cells, growth and development, metabolic and degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, or infections.
PLO2. Specific Skills
PLO2.1 Apply critical and creative thinking to solve problems in the field of biomedical sciences through inter- and multidisciplinary approaches.
PLO2.2 Able to independently perform innovative and valid research in the field of biomedical sciences aimed at improving the public health, which is eligible to be published in an accredited national journal or an indexed international journal.
PLO2.3 Able to perform analytical methods and techniques used in biomedical research.
PLO3. Generic Skills
PLO3.1 Perform effective communication, both orally and in writing.
PLO3.2 Demonstrate independence and good organizational skills.
PLO3.3 Demonstrate leadership and good collaborative work.
PLO3.4 Apply the principles of academic entrepreneurship*
PLO4. Attitude
PLO4.1 Demonstrate ethical standards for all intellectual and professional activities in the field of biomedical sciences and healthcare.

*Creating strategies for extending the research results for larger people benefit, such as published book, patent, mass production material, community services, etc.