Guest Lecture of Master Program in Biomedical Sciences


Guest Lecture (30 November 2015)


Increasing the participation of lecturers and students in international scientific forum will also be initiated through the activities Guest Lecture by experts from abroad. This activity is a continuation of the activities of the International Journal Writing workshop and consolidated into one activity.



A conducive academic atmosphere and ideal, placing students as subjects of education so necessary academic atmosphere can increase motivation, creativity and knowledge of the Technology Medicine particularly in the field of Radiology (lecture on nuclear medicine and the production and use of isotopes from a biomedical cyclotron) in the process activities learning through organizing guest lectures.

On the implementation of public lectures, the topics discussed pursued that have the potential to broaden the (expansion) and competence in the field of nuclear medicine and radiology on the production and use of isotopes from a biomedical cyclotron.

Thus these activities with the activities of guest lectures will be an impact on increasing the confidence of faculty and students in international forums.

Scope of Activities

To achieve the above objective by experts would be imported from abroad ( inbound lecturer exchange), Prof. Roger Ian Price Ph.D from the Department of Medical Technology and Physics Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital ( SCGH ) Hospital Avenue , Nedlands Western Australia who will be a guest speaker in : Guest Lecture during the first day of the Medical Technology as an inaugural lecture at the opening of Odd Semester Academic Year 2014/2015 .


With the guest lectures from abroad are expected to add insight and knowledge of students especially the field of radiology .