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Sebagai persiapan untuk Perkuliahan Semester Ganjil 2020/2021 Program Studi Magister Ilmu Biomedik Fakultas Kedokteran UB Pada hari Kamis 17 September 2020 jam 08.00 telah di laksanakan Workshop Penyusunan RPKPS Mata Kuliah Semester Ganjil 2020/2021 Program Magister Ilmu Biomedik yang mengundang Dosen Home Base dan Dosen Pengajar S2 ilmu Biomedik juga adanya perwakilan Tim Monev dan Tim Kurikulum [...]

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Visitation of Quality Internal Audit 14th Cycle of Master Program in Biomedical Sciences on November 5th 2015 10.00 – 12.00 was attended by Chair of Study Program of Master Program in Biomedical Sciences (Prof.Dr.dr. Sumarno, DMM.,SpMK.(K)), Secretary of Master Program in Biomedical Sciences (Dian Nugrahenny, dr.M.Biomed), along with lecture team and UJM team of Master [...]

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  Scientific publication in international journal is essential to support international recognition of Universitas Brawijaya. Higher publication rate indicate higher rating of university, especially in regard of science development. Scientific publication in international journal is also one of the main policies applied to both lecturer and student in Universitas Brawijaya although it is still considered [...]

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Background Herbal medicine (the development of drugs from plant material) is one of the leading research trees at the faculty and university level. To support this, Physalis researcher group from FKUB has mission to develop research tree with Physalis multidisciplinary study and optimize the synergism between academic, bussiness, and Government (ABG). For this purpose, the [...]

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We welcome mater & doktor sstudents and lectures in graduate program who wish to increase the quality of their skill in writing paper for publications in international journal, to join workshop international journal writing and publication

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Master Program in  Biomedical Sciences (MPBS), Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University holds 2014’s Grant Program Competition and therefore MPBS invites all students to compete in Student Scientific Grant Competition as follow: Requirements: Currently registered as student of Master or Doctoral Program in Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University Has original paper as hard-copy (2 bundles)  and [...]

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Alumni Reunion of Master Program in Biomedical Sciences Medical Faculty Brawijaya University, October 18, 2013.

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