The student proposing the thesis examination must:

  1. Have paid all of the tuition fees,
  2. Have conducted a research result seminar,
  3. Have submitted a thesis-related article in an accredited national journal or an indexed international journal (a statement from the editorial board that the article has been submitted and is under review is required),
  4. Have thesis manuscript approved by thesis advisors (thesis advisors give signature on the approval sheet of thesis manuscript), and
  5. Have undergone plagiarism-free certification for thesis manuscript.*

The procedure of proposing the thesis examination as follow:

  1. Student takes the approval form for thesis examination in the Academic Affairs Staff.
  2. Student proposes the date of thesis examination to thesis examiners committee (consisting of thesis advisors and thesis examiners).
  3. Thesis examiners committee approves the date of thesis examination and then gives signature on the approval form.
  4. Student submits the following documents to the Academic Affairs Staff: (a) the approval form for thesis examination, (b) statement from the editorial board that the thesis-related article has been submitted and is under review, and (c) certificate of plagiarism-free for thesis manuscript.*
  5. The head of the study program approves the thesis examination.
  6. The Academic Affairs Staff makes invitation letters for the thesis examiners committee.
  7. Student sends the invitation letters and the approved thesis manuscripts to thesis examiners committee at the latest three days before the exam.
  8. Student submits one (1) copy of the approved thesis manuscript to the Academic Affairs Staff at the latest three days before the exam.
  9. The Academic Affairs Staff sends the approved thesis manuscript to thesis monitoring and evaluation team.
  10. The thesis examination can be conducted.

The thesis examination cannot be held outside the exam forum. It is led by the chairman of thesis advisors. If the chairman cannot attend the examination, he/she can ask the member to take his/her place. The examination can be held if it is attended by two thesis examiners with at least one thesis advisor. The thesis advisor who cannot attend the examination is still required to examine outside the forum. The examination is also attended by one chairman/member of thesis monitoring and evaluation team to monitor the objectivity, focus, and flow of the exam, as well as the required documentations. The General Affairs Staff provides snack or lunch box for the thesis examiners committee and thesis monitoring and evaluation team.

The thesis examination takes around 100 minutes. The material is the thesis manuscript. Some of the evaluation components are thesis mastery and the ability to present and defend the thesis comprehensively.

Although the thesis examiners committee determine the grade for the student, the final grade of thesis examination is decided by discussion. The passing grade for the thesis examination is “B” at a minimum. If a student cannot meet this minimal requirement, he/she is given a chance to repeat the examination once. If the student fails the second examination, he/she must revise the thesis or is declared “fail” in the study.

Thesis manuscript revision, as suggested by the thesis examiners committee, must be completed at the latest one month after thesis examination. If the student fails to finish the thesis revision within the time limit with no satisfactory explanation, the chairman of the thesis advisors may propose that the concerned student repeats the thesis examination.

A student who has completed the thesis (with written approval from the thesis examiners committee) should submit at least three copies of thesis manuscript: two for thesis advisors and one for the study program. The copies of thesis manuscript are legalized with the signature from thesis examiners committee and the Dean.

Flow chart of the procedure of thesis examination:

thesis exam