The thesis proposal is a scientific writing which contains research plan. The writing of thesis proposal must follow the established guidelines. The proposal covers:

The introduction contains the background of the study, the existence of phenomena which is worth researching, theoretical framework, formulation of the research problem, and objective of the research.

Literature Review presents data and/or scientific information from various reputable journal articles that support or contradict the proposed research problem. This chapter also includes inconclusive opinions on the investigated problem. Based on the literature review, students analyze the problem to come up with a new concept to research.

Research Methods cover methods used by the researcher to approach the problem, sample selection, variables used in the research, how to measure, analyze, and test them, what materials/devices/program to be used, and how the result is presented. Information on place and time of research, as well as other relevant information concerning the research, are also presented in this chapter.

References contain a list of scientific publications that the researcher cites in the process of proposal writing. References are written according to the Guideline of Thesis and Dissertation Writing of Postgraduate Program of FKUB.

Feasibility Test of Thesis Proposal

Students proposing the feasibility test of thesis proposal must:

  1. Have paid all of their tuition fees,
  2. Have taken 24 credits with a GPA of ≥ 3.00 with no grade below C in any course, and
  3. Have thesis proposal approved by thesis advisors (thesis advisors give signature on the approval sheet of thesis proposal manuscript).

The procedure of proposing the feasibility test of thesis proposal as follow:

  1. Student takes the approval form for feasibility test in the Academic Affairs Staff.
  2. Student proposes the date of feasibility test to thesis examiners committee (consisting of thesis advisors and thesis examiners).
  3. Thesis examiners committee approves the date of feasibility test and then gives signature on the approval form.
  4. Student submits the approval form to the Academic Affairs Staff.
  5. The head of the study program approves the feasibility test.
  6. The Academic Affairs Staff makes invitation letters for the thesis examiners committee.
  7. Student sends the invitation letters and the approved thesis proposal manuscripts to thesis examiners committee at the latest three days before the test.
  8. Student submits one (1) copy of the approved thesis proposal manuscript to the Academic Affairs Staff at the latest three days before the test.
  9. The Academic Affairs Staff sends the approved thesis proposal manuscript to thesis monitoring and evaluation team.
  10. The feasibility test of thesis proposal can be conducted.

The test is led by the chairman of thesis advisors. If for accountable reasons, the chairman cannot attend the test, he/she can ask the member to take his/her place. The test can be held if it is attended by two thesis examiners with at least one thesis advisor. The thesis advisor who cannot attend the test is still required to test outside the forum. The test is also attended by one chairman/member of thesis monitoring and evaluation team to monitor the objectivity, focus, and flow of the test, as well as the required documentations. The General Affairs Staff provides snack or lunch box for the thesis examiners committee and thesis monitoring and evaluation team.

The feasibility test takes around 90 minutes and focuses on the thesis proposal. The components of evaluation are the thesis proposal manuscript, presentation, and student’s ability to argue scientifically.

Although the thesis examiners committee determine the grade for the student, the final grade of the thesis proposal is decided by discussion. The passing grade for the feasibility test is “B” at a minimum. If a student cannot meet this minimal requirement, he/she is given a chance to repeat the test once. If the student fails the second test, he/she must revise the thesis proposal or is declared “fail” in the study and must not be allowed to continue study in the program.

The thesis proposal that has been approved by thesis advisors and passed the feasibility test will then be legalized by the head of the study program. Following the legalization of the proposal, the concerned student may propose the ethical clearance and then conduct the research.

The flow chart of the procedure of feasibility test of the thesis proposal:

thesis proposal