Journal article is written based on part of or whole research results, following the instructions of the designated journal (accredited national journal or indexed international journal). The accredited national journal is Indonesian journal accredited by Directorate General for Higher Education (DIKTI). Whereas the indexed international journal is a journal with editors and authors from at least three countries, and it is indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, Microsoft Academic Search, Thomson Reuter, DOAJ, CABI, Copernicus, or EBSCO. The article should NOT be published in predatory journals or publishers. The list of predatory journals or publishers can be accessed online: Journal article approved by the thesis advisors is used as the material for research result seminar. Thesis advisors are responsible for the substance of the journal article and are entitled to be included as authors.

Thesis manuscript is written based on the research results, following the established guideline of thesis and dissertation writing. It is used as the material for research result seminar and thesis examination.