All students should complete the required 42 cumulative credits at a minimum, which are scheduled for 4 semesters. Those credits are possible to be accomplished in less than 4 semesters (at least 3 semesters), but no more than 8 semesters (thesis included). This rule is based on the Decree of Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education No. 44 Year 2015 on National Standard of Higher Education; Guideline Book IV: BAN-PT 2009 Accreditation, the edition of January 7, 2010; and UB Guideline Book of Education 2015/2016.

Courses consist of 14 credits of compulsory courses, 10 credits of interest-based compulsory courses, and 6 credits of elective courses at a minimum. Class meetings for each course are 16 times in a semester consisting of lectures, assignments, and examinations. Some courses also arrange laboratory works for certain skills. The thesis consisting of 12 credits is scheduled for two semesters at maximum (starts from thesis proposal to thesis examination).

PMIB-FKUB has two classes, i.e. regular class and dual degree class, with the following curriculum.

Table 1. Curriculum Structure

curriculum structure

Table 2. Program Structure

program structure

Table 3. Courses and Credits

course structure

Table 4. Elective Courses