Exam Schedule and Registration

Information about the time, date, and location of the exam is written in teaching plan of the course. All registered students are automatically registered for exams.

Regulations during the Exam

  • Be on time!

Students may enter the exam room 15 minutes before the start of the exam. After the official starting time of the exam, students will no longer be allowed access to the exam room. Those who arrive late (even if this is only 1 minute) will not be allowed to take part in the exam.

  • Bring the student ID card

Access to the examination premises is restricted to students enrolled in the study program at the time of examination. Students are only entitled to participate in the exam if they can provide a valid student ID card placed visibly on the table. Students who are unable to provide their student ID card can use another form of identification: identity card, driver’s license, passport, or any other official proof of identification. If a student cannot provide proof of identity during the examination, he/she is not entitled to take part in or further complete the examination and must leave the room.

  • Take a seat

Students must take their places by the seating plan or the instructions of the invigilator at the entrance to the exam room. Coats and bags must be placed under the seat on the floor. Students may not walk through or leave the room during the examination without an invigilator’s permission. Contact in any form whatsoever with other examinees is not permitted.

  • No mobile phones

Students must follow the instructions of the invigilator or exam coordinator at all times. During exams, it is not allowed to have mobile phones or other gadgets within reach. These devices need to be turned off and placed in a bag on the floor. The exam will be declared invalid if students do not comply with this rule, resulting in a failing grade.

  • Permitted materials

Students should only have access to a pen, pencil, eraser, and valid student ID card. Notes can be made on paper provided by the invigilator. Students are not allowed to have any reference material (books, articles, notes or other material) or information devices (e.g. notebook) on their table during the exam, except for the open book exam.

  • When students are finished

After a student has handed in the exam to the invigilator and left the room, he/she can no longer re-enter. Thirty minutes before the exam officially ends, an announcement will indicate the remaining time and inform students to remain seated until the end of the exam. Students must remain seated until the invigilator has collected their work from their tables. After that, they may leave the room. Students must return the answer sheet by the end of the exam or whenever an invigilator requires them to do so.