Part of each course is the student assessment to determine whether the student has achieved the learning outcomes set for the course in a satisfactory manner. Student assessment method varies per course. In most courses, students have to pass a written examination at the end of the course (final exam), but it is also possible that the examination consists of a mid-term exam, take home exam, scientific paper, or oral presentation. The assessment may also include portfolio, research project, article/manuscript writing, etc.

PMIB-FKUB develops criterion-referenced assessments to measure objectively student performance against an explicit set of criteria stated in a rubric. Students can use the information in the assessment rubric to develop, revise, and judge their work. Students will be graded on each criterion of assessment, and these count towards the final grade. Information about the assessment method per course can be found in teaching plan of the course.

Assessment Forms for Oral Presentation and Scientific Paper:

  1. Assessment Form for Oral Presentation
  2. Assessment Form for Journal/Scientific Paper