Students must respect the laws applicable at their place of study, as well as the regulations of the university, faculty, and study program, and must abstain from any conduct which might disturb the smooth running and the good name of the institution. Any violations will be penalized, and all sanctions will be imposed by the Academic Council led by the Head of Study Program. No sanction will be imposed without the student being heard by the Academic Council.

According to UB Guideline Book of Education 2015/2016, the violation of the academic regulations will be imposed an academic sanction as follow.

  1. Students who fail to attend 80% of the meetings of a certain course without accountable reasons are not allowed to join the final exam of the course.
  2. Students who drop a certain course beyond the closing date for course cancellation, cannot have the course removed from the study plan record (KRS), and the course is given “E” grade.
  3. Students who cheat in an examination will be given “E” grade on the course or have their study plan in that particular semester canceled.
  4. Students who sit for other students’ examination and/or students who ask an imposter to sit on their examination will have all examinations for all courses in that particular semester canceled.
  5. Students who alter their KRS without the consent of their academic advisor will have all courses in that particular semester canceled.
  6. Students who make an illegitimate change on their grade will be suspended for at least two (2) semesters. The suspension is not considered as an academic leave (terminal).
  7. Students who commit acts of violence and fights will have all courses in that particular semester canceled, and other sanctions by the prevailing regulations.
  8. Students who do the violations above with the additional threat of violence or bribery (things or promises) or with deception will be expelled from the study program.
  9. Students who are convicted of criminal offenses (forgery, fraud, deception, etc.), commit immoral acts, or involve in drug abuse, will be imposed an academic sanction in the form of:
    1. Suspension of at least two (2) semesters, or
    2. Expelled from the study program.