Academic Leave (Terminal)

General Provisions

  1. A student has the right to take an academic leave for academic, medical, religious, or other accountable reasons.
  2. An academic leave may be granted for the student having paid all of their tuition fees before taking an academic leave.
  3. The student is entitled to two (2) semesters of academic leave. However, the student enrolled in dual degree class is entitled to four (4) semesters of academic leave, by the Dean‘s Decree on the implementation and stipulation of dual degree program (Dean’s Decree No. 19A/SK/H.10.7/AK/2011) and UB Guideline Book of Education 2015/2016.
  4. The leave semester is not counted as part of the period of study.
  5. During the academic leave, it is not necessary to pay a tuition fee.

Proposing an Academic Leave

  1. The academic leave should be proposed each semester at the latest one month before the academic registration period.
  2. Student makes a written request for academic leave (Surat Cuti Akademik) addressed to the Rector, which includes a brief explanation as to the reason for the leave.
  3. Student consults to the Academic Advisor about the academic leave.
  4. Student asks Finance Affairs Staff of study program to check the completion of tuition fee payment. Then, the staff gives initial (paraf) on the written request.
  5. Student asks for approval to the Head of Study Program as well as Vice Dean of Academic Affairs.
  6. Student submits the written request to General Affairs Bureau in Rectorate Building 1st floor.
  7. Student submits the copy of written request to Finance Affairs Staff of the study program.
  8. The Rector issues the decision on granting an academic leave.

Extending the Period of Academic Leave

If additional leave is needed, the student submits a new request. If the student extends the period of academic leave without authorization, the student is required to pay the semester tuition fee (no dispensation).

Resuming of Study after an Academic Leave

For the readmission process, the student shall:

  1. Show the approved written request for academic leave (Surat Cuti Akademik) to the Academic Division in Rectorate Building 2nd floor to change the academic status.
  2. Submit the copy of approved written request for academic leave to the Budget and Treasury Division in Rectorate Building 5th floor to unblock the payment of tuition fee.

The readmission process should be done during the registration week, before the payment of tuition fee.

The flow chart of the academic leave procedure:


The flow chart of the readmission process: