Every course has its requirements students need to fulfill to pass the course. These requirements are mentioned in the teaching plan for each course.

The final grade for a course is counted from the average of grades (based on proportion) of the assignments and exams. Final grade of a course taught by a team of lecturers is the average of grades given by all lecturers. The course coordinator is responsible for compiling and computing the grades, then submitting the final grade to the Academic Affairs Staff.

Conversion Scale

The grade is given according to the following conversion scale:

Numerical Grade

Letter Grade

Grade Point

Ability Classification

> 80 – 100



Very Good

> 75 – 80



Very Good – Good

> 69 – 75




> 60 – 69



Good – Fair

> 55 – 60




> 50 – 55



Fair – Bad

> 44 – 50




     0 – 44



Very Bad

“K” (no grade) can be assigned when the assessment is incomplete, and no grade can be counted. “K” grade only lasts for two weeks, and then if still incomplete, the final grade is determined based on existing activities, whereas for activities that do not complete the grade is zero.

Student Performance Evaluation

According to UB Guideline Book of Education 2015/2016, the student performance evaluation is as follow:

  • Students who fail to achieve a GPA of 3.00 (8 credits at minimum) on their first semester will be given a letter of warning for poor performance so that they should improve their academic achievement in the following semester.
  • Students who fail to achieve a GPA of 3.00 (16 credits at minimum) on their second semester will be declared “fail” in their study and not be allowed to continue their study in the program.
  • Courses with “D” grades MUST be retaken while those with “C” MAY be retaken. Course retake can only be done once. The highest grade for the retaken course is B. The highest grade will be considered the final grade.
  • The students who have unsatisfactory grades should contact their academic advisor and course coordinator to discuss ways to improve their academic performance.
  • Students have taken 24 credits with a GPA of > 3.00, and no grade below C in any course may propose a research for their thesis.
  • Thesis proposal has to be approved by the thesis advisors, defended and passed the feasibility test conducted by the thesis examiners committee (consisting of thesis advisors and thesis examiners appointed by the Dean).
  • Students have passed the feasibility test of thesis proposal, completed all required revision, and had their proposal approved by the thesis examiners committee may commence their research.

Academic Transcript

The study program will compile the final grades for each course and make an academic transcript indicating the letter grades, the number of credits achieved, and the title of thesis. The academic transcript will be given to the student after the end of the program. Students should notify the Academic Affairs Staff in time if they need the transcript expedited.