Academic Registration

Students of PMIB-FKUB are those who are administratively enrolled to the study program for a particular semester.

The student not registered more than two (2) semesters of cumulative and sequential is stated dropout (DO).

Registration at the beginning of every semester is compulsory.

Procedure of academic registration as follow:

  1. Students come to the appointed bank, show the student ID card, write the name and ID number (NIM) on the transfer form, and then make payment of tuition fee.
  2. The appointed bank receive payment transaction following the computer data and then print and validate the receipt.
  3. Students receive the tuition fee receipt.
  4. Students submit a copy of tuition fee receipt to the Finance Affairs Staff.
  5. Students access the SIAM online ( to print the Academic Achievement Record (KHS) and Study Plan Record (KRS).
  6. Students consult the study progress and study plan with the Academic Advisor.
  7. Students submit the following documents to the Academic Affairs Staff: (1) student ID card, (2) a copy of KHS, (3) KRS signed by the academic advisor, and (4) the latest color photo size 3×3 (1 piece).

The flow chart of academic registration procedure: