Student Admission Procedure

A. Time of Application

Application for the odd semester commences from the beginning of February to the end of May while for the even semester commences from the beginning of October to the end of December.

B. Online Registration

C. Candidates send a written application addressed to:

Dean of Faculty of Medicine

Universitas Brawijaya

D. Enclosed in the application are two copies of:

  1. Receipt of the registration fee payment.
  2. Completed list of requirements for new student registration (Daftar Persyaratan Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru).
  3. Completed application form (Formulir Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru).
  4. Latest color photo size 4×6.
  5. Legalized copy of undergraduate (bachelor) certificate.
  6. Legalized copy of the academic transcript from the institution of origin. Candidates from private universities must enclose the result of the state examination.
  7. Legalized copy of BAN-PT accreditation certificate of the undergraduate study program.
  8. A copy of scholastic test (TPA-OTO BAPPENAS) certificate (two-year validity period).
  9. A copy of TOEFL (or equivalent) certificate (two-year validity period).
  10. Curriculum vitae.
  11. A scientific manuscript after completing undergraduate program.
  12. Letters of academic recommendation from two qualified referees.
  13. Statement of health from a state hospital.
  14. Letter of Study Appointment from superiors (if the candidates are in employment) stating that the concerned individual is released from any institutional responsibility. For candidates who are lecturers of state and private universities, the Letter of Study Appointment is to be issued by the rector. For candidates who are the employees of Health Department, the Letter of Study Appointment is to be issued by the direct supervisor, e.g., the director of the hospital or the head of the health department.
  15. A written statement of financial sources/support.
  16. A copy of identity card. For the international student, temporary identity card (KITAS) from Immigration Office of East Java Province.

E. All documents are submitted to:

Academic Affairs Staff of the Postgraduate Program

Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Brawijaya

Jl. Veteran, Malang, East Java 65145

Telephone 0341-569117 ext. 135; Fax 0341-564755

F.  Candidate Selection

  1. Candidate selection is performed through psychology test (MMPI) and/or interview involving peer group consisting of the head and secretary of the study program, and experts recommended by the head of the study program.
  2. The rector makes the decision on accepted candidate through the dean based on the recommendation of the head of the study program.
  3. The written notification (admitted or not) is sent to the applicant’s address.
  4. All candidates granted admission to the PMIB-FKUB must pass the matriculation program.

The flow chart of student admission procedure: