Table Correlation between PEOs and ILOs matrix of BSPM-FMUB

PEOs Numbers Program Education Outcomes (PEOs) ILOs
PEO 1 Noble & Divine Professionalism

Students will be able to perform professional medical practice in accordance with the values and principles of divinity, nobility, morals, ethics, law, and socio-culture.

PEO 2 Self-Awareness and Self-Development

Students will demonstrate awareness of their limitations and also constantly develop and upgrade their knowledge and skills for the sake of patient safety.

PEO 3 Effective Communication

Students will demonstrate the ability to explore and exchange information verbally and nonverbally with patients, communities, colleagues, and other professions.

ILO 3, ILO 4
PEO 4 Information Management

Students will be able to utilize communication and information technology for medical practice and expanding medical knowledge.

ILO 5, ILO 6
PEO 5 Scientific-based of Medical Knowledge

Students will demonstrate the ability to solve health problems based on the latest scientific medical and health sciences to get optimal results for the patients.

PEO 6 Clinical Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to perform clinical procedures including preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures related to health problems with patient, self, and others safety as the priority.

ILO 8, ILO 9
PEO 7 Health Problem Management

Students will be able to manage individual and community health problems in a comprehensive, holistic, and sustainable manner in the context of primary health care.

ILO 10, ILO 11
PEO 8 Medical Emergency and Disaster Management

Students will demonstrate the ability to identify emergency problems as well as take appropriate medical action to hinder emergency consequences including morbidity and mortality.

ILO 12
PEO 9 Biomedical Research Ability

Students will be able to produce creative scientific research/paper in biomedical-biomolecular fields based on decent medical theoretical and technical knowledge.

ILO 13, ILO 14
PEO 10 Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

Students will be able to demonstrate collaborative leadership skills as well as to become initiators of innovation in scientific activities, organization, and various aspects of health.

ILO 15